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Фигурка шеф повар 84000 "The Cook. Forchino"

Статуэтка маленькая шеф повар 84000 Форчино - прекрасный подарок для работников питания: шеф - повар, повар, кондитер, пекари и т.д. Все детали статуэтки сделаны в мельчайших деталях, очень реалистично и эффектно! Фигурка прекрасно подойдет для офиса, кабинета, дома и т.д. День повара - 20 Октября.

2 430 грн
Артикул: 2010
В наличии


“A Milanese Napolitaine, one, for table five!” yelled the waiter in the direction of the kitchen where the famous chef, Rodolfo Monti, was tasting his world famous recipe known as “Spaghetti Putanesca with stinging nettle sauce”.
“Mmmh questo é eccellente, straordinario, splendido, incomparabile !” the chef exclaimed in ecstasy as a long strand of “spaghetti al dente” disappeared noisily, swallowed up in his mouth.
“Two lasagnas à la bolognaise, two, for the seven!” shouted again the head waiter with a new order.
“Wait un pó, I’m not una machina! ” steamed the “ maestro ” while he tasted his sixth spaghetti dripping with sauce.
“Humm, it’s ‘incommensurabile’, exquisite, exceptional, “ favolosi ”!  the chef couldn’t stop from repeating himself with his mouth full, while dunking a hunk of bread in the sublime sauce and wiping his mustache with his sleeve.

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